The Pure Acoustic Active Transducer System

Pure Acoustic Intro

The Pure Acoustic Active Transducer System is a landmark development in acoustic stringed instrument amplification. It is the natural choice for the discerning acoustic musician which has been seen on stage and in studios worldwide fitted both to Skyinbow violins and to the instruments of professional and amateur musicians alike.

The Pure Acoustic Active Transducer System delivers a pure, unprocessed sound that we believe is more accurate, more dynamic, more natural and more life-like than other commercial pickup/preamplifier systems. The Pure Acoustic ATS is characterised by the complete absence of piezo "quack", which has simply been designed out rather than being compensated for, and sounds more as though the instrument is being played through a microphone, rather than via a pickup.

PA Pickup & Preamp

The heart of the Pure Acoustic Active Transducer System is the hand-built Pure Acoustic transducer, a small copper cylinder that can be fitted unobtrusively to virtually any acoustic stringed instrument.

Complementing the new transducer is the all-new Pure Acoustic preamplifier, which was designed in conjunction with engineers who have decades of experience in high-end analogue audio electronics. This preamplifier has a 40Hz- 40kHz bandwidth, thus ensuring the greatest possible accuracy in reproduction.

The Pure Acoustic preamplifier is powered by a rechargeable battery system* based on field-proven, computer industry technology. Charged from an external source (9v battery or power supply) the Pure Acoustic Preamplifier will run for a minimum of ten hours on one 60-second charge. 

Pure Acoustic Active Transducer Systems are available for violin, 'cello, double bass, guitar, cittern, bouzouki, mandolin, banjo and can be customised to fit most acoustic stringed instruments.

Manufactured in the UK and available only through luthiers, repairers and direct from the Pure Acoustic webshop, the Pure Acoustic ATS is backed up by a transferable 5-year limited worldwide warranty.  

About Pure Acoustic Limited

In addition to the new, unique, natural sounding Pure Acoustic Active Transducer pickup and miniature preamplifier systems for all manner of acoustic stringed instruments, Pure Acoustic Ltd also manufactures and distributes the Skyinbow electric violin series and the unique, patented Linnd violin shoulder rests.

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* Pure Acoustic Active Transducer Systems sold in the United States & Canada incorporate battery-free technology under licence from Mi-Si Electronic Design Inc

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